3 Challenges You’ll Face Using Sparklers at your Wedding

Most brides want to stay up to date with the latest trends for their wedding, and that means using sparklers during your reception. Whether you put them on your wedding cake, hand them out as favors, or use them in place of confetti during your grand exit, sparklers make your wedding an even more magical experience. However, since they are a flammable item and also considered a firework, there are certain challenges that come along with using them as part of your celebration.

Finding a Venue

Though most brides don’t choose their venue based on what they allow, it’s an important thing to consider if you want to use sparklers at your wedding. Most venues allow you to use sparklers outdoors only, and often times they have a specific designated area that is setup to accommodate them. Occasionally a venue will allow you to use them indoors as long as they are smokeless wedding sparklers purchased from an approved vendor, but often times the risk of fire is too great and insurance costs negate this option. Just make sure you ask your potential venue ahead of time if having sparklers at your wedding is important to your plan.


Choosing Your Sparklers

Not all sparklers are created equally, and once you begin shopping for the ones you’ll use at your wedding you’ll understand what I mean. As mentioned before, most venues will only allow certain brands of wedding sparklers that are purchased from specific approved vendors, and there is a reason for that. Regular sparklers are constructed poorly and from a wide variety of materials and compounds. Actual wedding sparklers will be made from a metal wire handle and double or triple dipped in a smokeless compound that contains no perchlorates so the fumes aren’t toxic when they burn. They always burn in the color gold, but they come in a variety of different sizes depending on how you want to use them at your wedding.

Using Proper Safety Measures

Sparklers are very safe if handled properly, but misuse can lead to injury or property damage in a big hurry. To avoid this, you need to have proper safety measures in place. First off, make sure you designate a time and place for using your wedding sparklers and inform the guests. If you have children at your reception, make sure they are not part of the sparkler activities. Second, you need a safe way to light the sparklers quickly such as a barbecue lighter or candles. And lastly, you need a large bucket of water to extinguish the used up sparklers as well as a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. Most venues will take care of these things for you, but it’s better to make sure for yourself rather than risk an incident.

Using sparklers at your wedding can be a great addition to your celebration, but you need to overcome these challenges before it can become a reality. Just ask your venue its policies, buy the right type of wedding sparklers, and put the proper safety protocols in place to enjoy all the benefits of having sparklers at your wedding without any hiccups.