Why Using a Wedding Checklist is So Important

Your wedding day is going to be one of the busiest days you’ll ever experience in your life, and the days and weeks leading up to it are not going to be any less packed with tasks and activities. Though you could shell out the money to have a wedding planner or coordinator to handle a lot of the major tasks for you, it can get very expensive and would still leave a lot of thing on your plate. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to make sure you get everything done that is necessary for your day to be perfect, and that is to create a wedding checklist to keep everything organized. By checking items off your list as you go, you won’t forget any of the details and things should go very smoothly.

If you have enough advance notice, you should try to start putting together your checklist at least 6 months before your wedding date. Don’t beat yourself up too much about getting everything on your checklist right away; just keep adding things as they come up so you have a very precise and comprehensive list. A great way to start your checklist is to add things like finding your florist, caterer, and photographer because they are all things you’ll need to take care of eventually.

Additionally, your checklist will need much finer details such as choosing the members of your bridal party, when to start sending out invitations and the number of guests you’ll be inviting so you can know how many chair rentals and table centerpieces you’ll need to buy. There is nothing better than knowing the total number of people you’ll need to host as far in advance as possible because it can make a huge impact on most aspects of your wedding including the venue itself.


A good checklist can also help you keep track of things that you want to shop for but may want to hold off on purchasing. For example, many couples want to use sparklers as part of their wedding, but finding a great price can take a little patience and searching. Also, you may want to try out a few different options before buying sparklers for everyone at your wedding to make sure you’re getting the right ones. Maybe you think that you’ll need to get 36” wedding sparklers since they last so long, but in reality you could save a lot of money by getting shorter ones. If you add wedding sparklers to your checklist, you can take your time to find the right option without needing to stress about forgetting to buy them.

All of the things we have discussed so far need to be handled as far out as possible, but there are also things that need to be done a little closer to your actual wedding date. Things like following up with your wedding vendors and meeting with your wedding planner to finalize little details will need to be added as you go since there is no real way to know the timeframe in advance. No matter how well planned your wedding is in advance, there are always going to be curveballs that you’ll need to cope with at the very last minute.

Though there is nothing you can do to completely alleviate all the tasks that you need to take care of leading up to your wedding, creating a wedding checklist will help you stay organized and on top of everything. Having gone through a wedding myself, I can tell you from experience that the best feeling in the world is to know with confidence that I haven’t forgotten any of the details for my big day. I still had to put in a lot of work to get it done, but at least I knew it was all done correctly thanks to my handy wedding checklist.